About Lasse

Born in 1994 and currently living in beautiful Aarhus, Denmark 🇩🇰


  • I studied Economics (bachelor's) and Business Intelligence (master's) at Aarhus University (BSS)

  • In 2014 I launched a poster website that sold animal posters (first e-com experience)

  • Started too many failed projects during my studies (app, webshop, etc.)

  • I use this site to share small snippets of knowledge, braindumps and more long-form, in-depth guides

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I love talking to like-minded people. Here are a few ways to reach me:

Curriculum Vitae

I like keeping a short list of projects I've been involved in and jobs I've had.

Truestory (2022)

At the beginning of 2022, I joined Truestory as a Product Manager. Truestory sells a handpicked selection of authentic experiences and my job is to make the experience of buying these the best there is.

After joining, I found out how similar a PM's job is to some of my previous roles. Plus there's time for thinking long-term, which I wrote a bit about why I enjoy.

Camille Brinch Jewellery (2019 - 2021)

In September 2019, I joined a really cool and exciting company. After knowing Daniel, Camille’s brother, for quite some time, we suddenly started talking about me joining their company. Shortly after, I parted with my previous employer and decided to come work for them.

The company is an e-commerce jewellery business founded back in 2016. Camille started crafting her own jewellery and sharing the results on Instagram.

Team accomplishments:

  • Awarded "Best New E-commerce Business" in 2019 in Denmark

  • Awarded "2nd best E-commerce Business (< 100 MDKK)" in 2020 in Denmark.

CarBuddii (SaaS, 2019, freelance -> part-time)

After assisting the company with various marketing tasks, I got the opportunity to join CarBuddii and be responsible for their marketing, some product design, and a bit of front-end development.

lssrvn (Freelance -> Blog)

This site was originally used as the website for my small consultancy, where I helped small businesses with their online marketing. Now I’ve turned it into a blog (switched from Danish to English), where I share some of the things I'm learning.

Cand.Merc.BI (Education, 2014-2019)

In the summer of 2019, I finished my Master’s degree in Business Intelligence with great results. Five years in the university allowed a lot of free time to chase different ideas and gain real-life experience while still being able to apply theory to those learnings. Because we’re being paid to educate ourselves in Denmark, exploring projects and ideas during studies is a no-brainer. In countries where you’re not, I would highly reconsider spending five years building up your debt. Go find whatever you want to learn on sites like Udemy or YouTube instead.

Launch It / Bite (App Development and Startup, Co-founder)

Along with three other entrepreneurs, we founded an app development consultancy that handled various projects. While doing so, we also started our own project called “Bite”, which allowed neighbors to share meals with each other. Due to disagreements, I decided to leave the company (learned a ton from this).

Tryksagen (E-commerce, 2015, Co-founder)

Without knowing a whole lot about printed matters, I started broking a large danish company’s products and selling them on our own site (yes, the logo is genius). Within the first three months, only using outreach in Facebook groups, we reached around $10k revenue which I’m pretty proud of.

SødeKartofler.dk (Affiliate, 2014)

After having started my first e-commerce business (see below), I wanted to experiment with the world of affiliate marketing, since I’d heard so many great things about it. With some very basic research, I found out that sweet potatoes were increasing in popularity. Therefore, I quickly found an affiliate site selling sweet potato powder and put up a blog. After not very long, I realized that my passion for sweet potatoes wasn’t as great as I originally thought and closed the site back down (laughing while writing this).

TheLastTouch.dk (E-commerce, 2014)

One of my very first “real” ventures was an e-commerce shop selling posters with designs that a friend of mine's girlfriend created. This taught me a lot about general e-commerce, building followers on Instagram, and handling things like customs when shipping abroad.