Hi! I'm Lasse 🙋‍♂️

Head of E-commerce @ D2C brand Camille Brinch Jewellery.

I use this site to showcase some of the things I'm learning and have learned. You'll find 'guides' and 'notes' above. Guides are in-depth looks at things I find interesting. Notes are more like short snippets of knowledge.


  • I studied Economics (bachelor's) and Business Intelligence (master's) at Aarhus University (BSS)
  • In 2014 I launched a poster website that sold animal posters (first e-com experience)
  • Started too many failed projects during my studies (app, webshop etc.)
  • In 2019 I started working @ Camille Brinch Jewellery where I'm helping grow one of the coolest jewellery brands out there (no bias)
  • I use this site to share small snippets of knowledge and more long-form, in-depth guides

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Curriculum Vitae

I like keeping a short list of projects I've been involved in and jobs I've had.

Camille Brinch Jewellery (2019 - , full-time)

In September 2019, I joined a really cool and exciting company. After knowing Daniel, Camille’s brother, for quite some time, we suddenly started talking about me joining their company. Shortly after, I parted with my previous employer and decided to come work for them.

The company is an e-commerce jewellery business founded back in 2016. Camille started crafting her own jewellery and sharing the results on Instagram. One thing left to another and now she’s built a real company with great ambitions.

In November 2020 we were awarded the "Best New E-commerce Business" in Denmark. Still hard to believe.

CarBuddii (SaaS, 2019, freelance -> part-time)

After assisting the company with various marketing tasks, I got the opportunity to join CarBuddii and be responsible for their marketing, some product design and a bit of front-end development.

lssrvn (Freelance -> Blog)

This site was originally used as the website for my small consultancy, where I helped small businesses with their online marketing. Now I’ve turned it into a blog (switched from Danish to English), where I share some of the things I'm learning.

Cand.Merc.BI (Education, 2014-2019)

In the summer of 2019 I finished my Master’s degree in Business Intelligence with great results. Five years in the university allowed a lot of free time to chase different ideas and gain real-life experience while still being able to apply theory to those learnings. Because we’re being paid to educate ourselves in Denmark, exploring projects and ideas during studies is a no-brainer. In countries where you’re not, I would highly reconsider spending five years building up your debt. Go find whatever you want to learn on sites like Udemy or YouTube instead.

Launch It / Bite (App Development and Startup, Co-founder)

Along three other entrepreneurs, we founded a app development consultancy which handled various projects. While doing so, we also started our own project called “Bite”, which allowed neighbors to share meals with each other. Due to disagreements, I decided to leave the company (learned a ton from this).

Tryksagen (E-commerce, 2015, Co-founder)

Without knowing a whole lot on printed matters, I started broking a large danish company’s products and selling it of our own site (yes, the logo is genius). Within the first three months, only using outreach in Facebook groups, we reached around $10k revenue which I’m pretty proud of.

SødeKartofler.dk (Affiliate, 2014)

After having started my first e-commerce business (see below), I wanted to experiment with the world of affiliate, since I’d heard so many great things about it. With some very basic research, I found out that sweet potatoes were increasing in popularity. Therefore, I quickly found an affiliate site selling sweet potato powder and put up a blog. After not very long, I realized that my passion for sweet potatoes wasn’t as great as I originally thought and closed the site back down (laughing while writing this).

TheLastTouch.dk (E-commerce, 2014)

One of my very first “real” ventures was an e-commerce shop selling posters with designs that a friend of mine's girlfriend created. This taught me a lot about general e-commerce, building followers on Instagram and handling things like customs when shipping abroad.